Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Get Paid Online - Top 6 Free Sites


Top ways to make money online FREE!

To be honest, virtually anyone can make money online, with a computer or with a smartphone.

There's no cost and really no excuse for NOT having the money you need if you have access to the internet.

I have listed 6 of my favorite an easiest sites ever. All the sites on my "how to get paid online" list are legit, FREE and super eeeasy peeeasy.

Did you know you can get paid just for watching unlimited videos, (virtually earn money all day long), get paid to type business cards, even get paid to play games. 

So far I've only found one free site that actually pays you PayPal money for playing game, you can't lose.

Click here to play "The Card Game" for PayPal money.

Here's My Top 6 How to Get Paid to FREE MONEY picks

1.) NetSpend - Get your Free $20 - The NetSpend Refer A Friend program is a simple way to earn money online.

First you will want to order a NetSpend prepaid debit card and load just $40 onto your card and a $20 bonus will be added to the card making it $60 in your account.

Here is how it works:

1. Invite your friends or family members to get a NetSpend card.

2. Your friend or family member orders a new NetSpend card using your referral code or link.

3. They activate their new card once
 Enter Referral Code 6953185084
comes in the mail.

4. Your friend adds at least $40 to their NetSpend card.

5. You get $20 and they get $20 that's it!

You can get paid for referring people to NetSpend an earn unlimited $20 bonuses for each person.

If you want more information about the NetSpend Refer A Friend program, click here.

2.) Points2shop - Get paid to program that has been paying since May 2007. It has proven to be stable, I think it's the best get paid to site on the planet.

There are multiple earning features available so it should not be hard to earn money. Open to members worldwIde, click on banner to start.

3.) Treasuretrooper
Treasuretrooper Screen Shot Payment Proof
get paid to proof of payment

As shown on my screenshot above, I don't have time to do anything on Treasuretrooper but I still earned over $500 because I know a few things about getting referrals.

Treasuretrooper has a stable 10 year history.

Click banner to join as my referral an we can message each other on the site, I'll share my tips and tricks.

4.) Gifthulk - is the only site I've ever seen who pays you to play games. Gifthulk also pays once every hour for your searches, that's a big deal - no one else is doing that.

Are you writing this down?! I hope so!

I have a couple more to share.

5.) Get-paid Get paid to type business cards and many other cool ways to earn.

Get-paid is built around a community of help members.

Get-paid has no minimum payout, which is perfect for me when I want to make some quick money.

The customer support on Get-paid is the best I've ever seen. International members are welcome

Pays via PayPal, eGold, Amazon, Moneybookers, Alertpay and more!

6.) Apptrailers - is a free App that pay you to watch short movie trailers for PayPal cash. I'm earning up to $17
dollars a day without referrals. In my opinion, App Trailers is the best App ever, if you're into getting free PayPal money.

AppTrailers and get instant Gift Card codes! Get the app here

Use bonus code 'payme2' to start off with your extra cash.

See my Apptrailers how to get paid fast video,

Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to Get a Free $20 NetSpend Review 2015

How to Get $20 Over and Over
Earning real money online just got easier using The NetSpend Refer A Friend program.

I'm always looking for simple ways to make money using free sites and get paid to sites. I'm happy to report I really stroke gold this time guys.

Before I joined NetSpend I already knew it was legit through friends and readers but I still did two weeks of research on YouTube and forums, just too be sure NetSpend was the real deal.

Once I was convicted NetSpend was legit I kept researching, (that's my way of being lazy sometimes).

I owned it to all my readers to get over my laziness an at least try the NetSpend referral program and report back either way.

So about a month ago I ordered my NetSpend card an I'm so glad I did. I got my free $20 as promised and I getting paid $20 over and over for each referral I get, sweet.

First you will want to order a NetSpend prepaid debit card and load just $40 onto your card and a $20 bonus will be added to the card making it $60 in your account.

Plus when you refer your friends, family members, anyone you get paid $20 per referral. Amazing, that's unlimited $20 bonuses, $20 over and over just for referring people to NetSpend!

       Here is how to get your FREE $20 and start making money!

1. Invite your friends or family members to get a NetSpend card.

2. Your friend or family member, anybody who orders a new NetSpend card using your referral code or link you will get paid $20.

3. They activate their new card once it comes in the mail.

4. Your friend adds at least $40 to their NetSpend card.

5. You get $20 and they get $20 that's it!

This is the highest paying referral program I've ever seen, let's not forget you get $20 to start, NetSpend is hard to beat.

Sign Up

Enter Referral Code 6953185084

Note:  To participate in this Refer-A-Friend progran Referee must order their card from the Referrer's link.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Best Way to Make Free Money Online 2015

Who can say no to free money, certainly not me, especially when it doesn't require a huge amount of time or work. Making money online free is a lot easier than most people may think.

I'm currently being paid and recommend 3 companies to sign up with that will definitely start putting money in your PayPal account in a very short time without having to learn anything new.

If you're struggling to make money online I'm sure you'll find the answer you are looking for in the 3 sites I have listed.

So let's get started.

Points2shop is definitely one of my favorite ways to make money online completely free. There are many ways to earn money and seven different ways to cash out. The administration and earning potential out shines any other GPT site on the planet.

Click here to start earning.

2.) Although I've made quite a bit of money with TreasureTrooper I'm not going to paint a rosy picture for my own benefit. TreasureTrooper has been around and paying it's member for over 8 years and needs no embellishments or
endorsements from me.
If your already a member of TreasureTrooper and haven't been active in a while, it's well worth checking back and seeing what's new.
If you're not a free member take a few minutes to sign up and start earning money today, you'll be glad you did.

3.) ClixSense is a legit PTC (paid to click) site that pays consistently. Although I'm not a big fan of  PTC Sites, ClixSense is the very best an has forced its way into my heart and my PayPal account.

What Makes ClixSense Better Than Any Other PTC Site?
I've tried many PTC sites and most of them canceled my account for not being active but not ClixSense. If you have a new blog or website an you need quick traffic and search engine credibility, Clixsense is definitely the way to go.

All you have to do is upgrade your account, the upgrade comes with 2000 hits to your blog or website. I have seen people earning at least $5 per day on top of dozens of hits a day on your blog.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Top 5 Get Paid to (GPT) Sites that Really Work 2015

Today I want to share with you my top 5 GPT (Get Paid to) Sites 2015. You'll find all of these GPT Sites well worth your time and efforts.

These are my 5 top GPT sites I've ever found, they made my top 5 list because they help me pay a few bills so I consider them, "Top 5 best of the best GPT sites ever" not just my top 5 get paid to sites this year.

1. Points2shop is definitely number one and my favorite get paid to site, this is the free site that I use pay my phone bill over the last two and a half years without fail.

Not only is Points2shop an amazing high paying GPT (Get Paid to) site, they also have a terrific and quick responding staff. Click Here to start earning  in minutes.

2. Swagbuck continues to be a very stable get paid to search site with a flawless reputation. I exchange BingRewards points for Swagbucks then I change my swag bucks for PayPal cash.

3. Treasuretrooper has been around a very long time and for good reason.
TreasureTrooper has lots of ways to make money, even get paid to make phone calls an raise and sell dragons. I seriously doubt if can find another site where you can get paid to sell dragons.

4. GiftHulk is a great GPT site for many reasons including "the card game" and unlimited videos for cash. You can also get paid to do surveys and a tons of other way to earn gift cards and real paypal money.

5. LootPalace, I first leared about LootPalace from Facebook. My mom recommended it to me from her page so right away I was very suspicious, lol.
Once I join I realize quickly realized lootpalace was the real deal. You get paid to do everything, well almost everything, definitely a great site to have in your arsenal.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Why is Points2shop at the Top of Everyone's Best GPT List- Early 2014 Review

I've been with Points2shop well over 2 years. Over my time as a member, I've consistently earned money and points2shop has consistently earned its top spot on all of my GPT (Get Paid to) lists over the years.

I'm not the only one who proclaimes Points2Shop as the best GPT site ever. Almost everyone's in the "free online money making niche" consistently rates Points2shop in their top 5 best GPT list over the last 5 years.

P2S (Points2shop) offers an amazing variety of ways you can make money online without cost, too many money making features to mention.

Here's another reason why P2S (Points2shop) tops the list of best GPT sites on everyone list - "and this is important". You would be hard pressed to find another GPT site, or any site, with a better or faster responding administration team.

I've never went more than two days without a response from administration. The P2S staff and members honestly want to see you do well an earn lots of money.

I don't usually crown the years best GPT Site or money making site this early in the year but I think it's safe to say, Points2shop is the best GPT site 2014, possibly the best site on the planet

Just in case you may have forgotten, P2S is simply the best GPT 2014. If you're already a member of Points2shop and you haven't been active in a while, do yourself a favor and stop by and see what's new.

Over the last few months I've noticed they even added a promotions manager, willing to personally help you get referrals or answer any questions you may have, that's a big deal, nobody else is doing that.

If you're serious about making money online free, be sure to put Points2shop at the top of your free money making to do list.